Bellamy's Scheme of Arrangement


This site will provide you access to the following in relation to the Bellamy's Scheme of Arrangement (Scheme):

  • Scheme Booklet you can access and download; and
  • Link to the Share Registry (Link Registry Services) website to enable you to lodge your proxy online.

The Scheme Booklet provides Bellamy's Shareholders with information about the proposed Scheme under which a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited (Mengniu) would acquire all of the shares in Bellamy's, other than those already held by the Mengniu group.

For the Scheme to proceed, the resolution approving the Scheme must be passed by the required majorities at the Scheme Meeting, which will be held on Thursday 5 December 2019 at Greenfields Albert Park, Corner Lakeside Drive & Queens Road, Albert Park Lake, Melbourne, Victoria, commencing at 10.00am (Sydney time).  Eligible shareholders can vote on the Scheme:

  • in person by attending the Scheme Meeting; or
  • by appointing a proxy, attorney or, if you are a body corporate, a duly appointed corporate representative, to attend the Scheme Meeting and vote on their behalf.

You should read the Scheme Booklet in its entirety, and consider its contents carefully, before deciding whether or not to vote in favour of the Scheme. If you are in any doubt about what you should do, you should consult with a financial, legal, taxation or other professional adviser.