1. What is the Offer?Collapsed
2. Who is making the Offer?Collapsed
3. Who is Iberdrola?Collapsed
4. What is the Bidder’s Statement?Collapsed
5. What is the Offer Price?Collapsed
6. What choices do I have?Collapsed
7. When does the Offer open?Collapsed
8. When does the Offer close?Collapsed
9. Could the Offer be extended?Collapsed
10. Which securities does the Offer relate to?Collapsed
11. Can I accept the Offer in respect of some but not all, of my Infigen Stapled Securities?Collapsed
12. Are there any conditions of the Offer?Collapsed
13. When will I be notified of the status of the Conditions?Collapsed
14. What if Infigen announces or pays a distribution?Collapsed
15. What interest does Iberdrola Australia have in Infigen?Collapsed
16. How do I accept the Offer?Collapsed
17. If I accept the Offer, when will I be paid?Collapsed
18. What if my aggregate Offer Price includes a fraction of a cent?Collapsed
19. Can I sell my Infigen Stapled Securities on-market?Collapsed
20. When will I receive the Target’s Statement?Collapsed
21. What if I accept the Offer and Iberdrola Australia increases the Offer Price?Collapsed
22. What happens if I do not accept the Offer?Collapsed
23. Can I revoke my acceptance?Collapsed
24. How is Iberdrola Australia funding the Offer?Collapsed
25. What if I am a foreign Infigen Securityholder?Collapsed
26. What are the Australian tax implications of acceptance?Collapsed
27. Do I pay brokerage or stamp duty if I accept?Collapsed
28. What if I require further information?Collapsed
29. Why you should accept the OfferCollapsed