Chairman’s letter

On behalf of the Board, it is with great pleasure I introduce to you a unique global healthcare initiative - 4Dx Limited. The following Offer provides you an opportunity to become a Shareholder, or for existing Shareholders, to increase your investment in the Company.

4Dx Limited is a software and technology company founded in Melbourne, Australia, servicing the global respiratory healthcare market, with our Melbourne office now joined by an office in Santa Monica, California.

Over the past 200 years, each generation has typically benefited from the development of a new diagnostic device to aid in the understanding of our health. For example, Edler and Hertz’s development of the echocardiogram in 1960 - a simple, safe and effective means of clearly seeing the heart, its motion and function - has revolutionized the diagnosis and management of heart disease.

4Dx was founded to bring about the same advancements in respiratory diagnostics, and create a step change in the capacity of physicians to diagnose and manage patients with diseases of the lung. The potential to improve millions of lives also brings with it financial opportunity. The respiratory diagnostic sector represents a global market of over US$25 billion per annum, and 4Dx has a clear plan to address this market, building the Company one product at a time.

Funds from this offer will be used to take our first software product to market, including studies to validate the product, as well as the development and submission of our first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance application. In conjunction with initiatives directed to achieving FDA clearance, the Company will continue to pursue strategic partnering opportunities in its current markets and regions, including respiratory diagnostics research and development, and hardware development of dedicated scanners, as interest in the sector builds.

I am passionate about 4Dx and the opportunity to create a positive impact on global healthcare. I hope that as you learn more about 4Dx, you will join us on our journey.


Andreas Fouras
Chairman and CEO