Kidman Resources Limited – Scheme of Arrangement


This site will provide you access to the following in relation to the Kidman Scheme of Arrangement (Scheme):

  • Scheme Booklet you can access and download;
  • Link to the Share Registry (Boardroom Pty Limited) website to enable you to lodge your proxy online; and
  • Key Dates in relation to the Scheme.

The purpose of the Scheme Booklet is to explain the terms of the Scheme and the manner in which the Scheme will be considered and implemented (if approved) and to provide such information as is prescribed or otherwise material to the decision of Kidman Shareholders whether or not to approve the Scheme. The Scheme Booklet includes the explanatory statement required to be sent to Kidman Shareholders under Part 5.1 of the Corporations Act.

Therefore, Kidman Shareholders should read the Scheme Booklet in its entirety before making a decision as to how to vote on the Scheme Resolution. If you are in doubt as to any action you should take, please consult your legal, financial, taxation or other professional adviser immediately.