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Letter from the chairperson of Cannasouth’s Board of Directors

Dear Investor,

On behalf of the Directors of Cannasouth Limited (Cannasouth or the Company), it is my pleasure to introduce the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to you.

Cannasouth operates in the emerging medicinal cannabis sector in New Zealand and is the first New Zealand medicinal cannabis company seeking to list on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). The Company and its founders have been intimately involved in the research and development of medicinal cannabis having worked collaboratively over a number of years with the University of Waikato and with the New Zealand government regulators.

As at the date of the PDS, during 2019 Cannasouth has successfully secured two controlled drug import licences to import cannabis which have been utilised to import dried flower for research and provide initial cultivars for its growing facility. A separate import licence is required on each occasion Cannasouth wishes to import cannabis product. Further import licences are expected to be obtained as and when required.

The focus of Cannasouth is to conduct and advance further research into the benefits of medicinal cannabis and to develop a range of medicinal cannabis related products for distribution in New Zealand and globally. Our mission is to bring science to our medicinal cannabis products.

The Company’s business will be well capitalised following the equity raising via this Offer. Existing and new funds will be used to implement the strategic business plan as articulated in the PDS.

The Board believes some of the highlights of an investment in Cannasouth include:

  • a focus on delivering science based medicinal cannabis products from the pristine, clean and green country of New Zealand;
  • the development of a range of medicinal cannabis products both for biopharmaceutical and over the counter (OTC) uses, including a wide range of applications beyond pain relief and medicinal purposes, as regulations allow. For example, including but not limited to, nutraceuticals, the health and wellness sectors, fortification of foods and beverages, supplements, cosmetics, and veterinary medicines;
  • an experienced management team that has been researching and working in the New Zealand medicinal cannabis and hemp sectors since 2002; and
  • the ability to continue with Cannasouth’s research programmes pursuant to the licences currently granted by the MOH.

There will always be risks associated with investing in an emerging sector where the final landscape is still not clear and the Board urges potential investors to read the PDS carefully, and in particular note the key risks which are identified in Section 8 – Risks to Cannasouth's business and plans, and elsewhere in the PDS.

Cannasouth has an experienced board of directors with the necessary expertise and business experience to ensure there is a focus on the sound development of the Company’s business plans. Whilst Cannasouth is currently a pre-revenue start-up company, the Board’s objective is to ultimately grow and enhance shareholder wealth.

We look forward to welcoming you as a shareholder and joining us is in the development of the medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand.

Yours sincerely
Tony Ho