Share Offer

Offer Closed Oversubscribed. See Press Release here for further details.

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Key dates and Offer process

Event Date
Opening Date 27 May 2019
Priority Offer closes 7 June 2019
General Offer closes 14 June 2019
Settlement and allotment of Shares 17 June 2019
Earliest expected mailing of holding statements 17 June 2019
Anticipated date of quotation of the new Shares on NZX Main Board 19 June 2019
Expected commencement of trading on the NZX Main Board 19 June 2019

This timetable is indicative only and the dates may change. Cannasouth reserves the right to vary any of the above dates as required from time to time.

An investor who wishes to subscribe for new Shares in Cannasouth must apply online or return their application form, together with payment of the application monies to the Registrar on or before 5pm on the date on which the Offer closes. If a valid application and payment is not received by this date, an investor’s application will not be accepted by Cannasouth.