Key Dates

Key event Date
Latest time and date for receipt of proxy and voting forms for the Scheme Meeting  10.00am on 28 January 2024
Time and date for determining eligibility to vote at the Scheme Meeting 7.00pm on 28 January 2024

Scheme Meeting for Costa Shareholders to vote on the Scheme

Further details relating to the Scheme Meeting are set out in the Notice of Scheme Meeting at Annexure D of the Scheme Booklet

10.00am on 30 January 2024 

If the Scheme is approved by Costa Shareholders

Key event Date
Second Court Hearing for approval of the Scheme 10.15am on 7 February 2024
Court order is lodged with ASIC and Scheme takes effect Last day of trading in Costa Shares 8 February 2024
Suspension of Costa Shares from trading on the ASX Close of trading on 8 February 2024
Scheme Record Date for determining entitlement to receive Scheme Consideration 7.00pm on 12 February 2024
Implementation of the Scheme (“Implementation Date”) Payment of the Scheme Consideration 26 February 2024